Have you been mis-sold your Pension or Pension Transfer?

Over the years, thousands of people have been advised to transfer out of their employer’s pension. This has been done in many cases on the premise of greater returns and a better retirement. But was this necessarily true?

Many people who were advised to Transfer were told the growth could be a lot better in a Personal Pension Plan. However, they were not always told that benefits they could potentially lose could be massive and far outweigh potential growth within the employer pension.

Government thoughts

From 1994 – 2001, the Government initiated a nationwide review on how pensions had been sold. This is because they knew that so many people had been poorly advised to transfer out of their employers pension scheme in favour of a personal pension, leading to losses in the hundreds of thousands of pounds in terms of retirement benefits.

What can be done about it?

Simple, talk to My Claim Solved! We have a team dedicated to working tirelessly to claim back the money that people just like you have lost out on. All we need to do is a go through a 5 minute assessment and see if you qualify for us to help you. Assuming you do qualify to make a mis-sold pension claim, you just need to sign a Letter of Authority and we will do the rest.

The end result?

We aim to claim back the compensation you deserve! This is simply the money you should have anyway (plus some interest), had you not been advised to transfer out of your old employer pension scheme. We have already helped people claim back hundreds of thousands of pounds in mis-sold pension transfer claims. If you have transferred a company pension scheme, this could be you!

Have I been mis-sold a pension transfer?

Ask yourself the following questions, do any of the below sound familiar? If so then you could really benefit from a conversation with My Claim Solved

  • Did you ever Transfer a Pension from an Employer to a Personal Pension?
  • Were you advised that by Transferring the Pension, the growth could be much better giving you a better income at retirement?
  • Were you advised that by Transferring out of the Employer Pension, you would lose all of your future employer contributions into the Pension?
  • Did you pay a fee to the Financial Adviser for the advice? Do you remember this fee to have been excessive?
  • Did the Financial Adviser ask you any questions about your Financial Risk level before Transferring your Pension?

Even if the above don't sound that familiar, if you transferred a Pension, get in touch. We have won compensation for people who thought Transferring was their best option!

Why use My Claim Solved?

  • We have a very experienced team that specifically handle Pension complaints. They have already successfully claimed back millions in Pension Redress, the single biggest case was in excess of £300,000!
  • We do not charge upfront fees, you only pay when money is received in the form of compensation.
  • A dedicated claims handler will keep you updated every step of the way with the status of the claim.
  • When dealing with eligible claims, we are successful in excess of 60% of cases
  • We will fight your case & escalate your claim to the financial ombudsman if necessary to ensure you receive the compensation that you may be due

Fill in the pension claim form at the top of this page, and one of our expert claims advisers will be in touch at the time that suits you to discuss your claim. Alternatively, if you wish to get the ball rolling quicker, give us a call on 01803 322 822.

Frequently ask questions

Yes we can! As long as you know the provider, then we can obtain all of the required information from them.

Absolutely not! We have had many cases in the same scenario where compensation has still been owed to people. Just because the Pension was frozen does not mean there cannot be a loss by Transferring!

We do not charge upfront, and there is no charge if we do not win your claim. If we are successful then we charge 37.5% + VAT on the compensation amount, a total of 45% including VAT.

We’re not afraid to hide our fee, because we earn our money. We have won millions already in Pension redress and the claims can be far more complex than your average PPI claim. We charge more simply because the work is that much more complex and requires more work!